Web Design

With extremely high competition in the marketplace, how do you set yourself apart? With a strong, beautiful, luxurious, unique and reliable web presence of course. Our Awesome clients know what it feels like to own a Ferrari of a website. … Read More

IT Security

According to DigitalTrends.com, The U.S. State Department alone deflects thousands of Hackers a day from attacking their systems. In a world where everything is becoming more convenient, it’s said that there are two types of people on the internet, those … Read More

Tech Support

In today’s digital age, our technology is our tool-set with which we do business. If our tools aren’t in working order then what does that mean for business? Our dedicated team of technicians are standing by ready to help. Does … Read More

Digital Portfolio

Look like the Professional Job Seeker you are! Our team will put together a striking Digital Portfolio to elegantly showcase the best of you! Where Resume Design, and Web Design meet! Our career team will work with you to compile … Read More

Windows App

With over 700 Million devices running Windows 10, its imperative to have your business up to date, and out-performing the competition! Whether you need a custom platform to deliver your product or servie to your customers, or you need custom … Read More

Android App

Harness the power of the Android Platform, and leverage it for the growth and retention of new clients for your business. These days everyone carries a computer in their pocket called a smart phone. 84.8% of the smartphone market share … Read More

Something Strange is happening to Google Translate

Source: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/j5npeg/why-is-google-translate-spitting-out-sinister-religious-prophecies Google Translate is moonlighting as a deranged oracle—and experts say it’s likely because of the spooky nature of neural networks. Type the word “dog” into Google Translate 19 times, request that the nonsensical message be flipped from Maori … Read More