Meet Dinja

Has your phone or computer ever been lost or stolen? How did it make you feel? Did you find yourself wishing that you had some kind of way to find your device, and who ever has it? What would you give to be able to do that?

Meet Dinja. Dinja is a personal security guard that lives in your device patiently waiting for disaster to strike. If your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop are ever lost or stolen; Dinja can help you recover it*. Simply subscribe and install Dinja on your device today, then when the worst happens, you simply report your device to us as “LOST/STOLEN”. Our team will then spring into action, and begin using the Dinja software to track down your missing device. We will provide you with ALL of the data that is available to aide in the recovery of your stolen property.

Available Info:

-GPS Location (Cell Phone ONLY) On mobile devices, Dinja is able to capture the approximate GPS location of the device.
-Public IP Address Dinja is able to capture the Private & Public IP Addresses of your stolen device.
-Thief Intel The very moment that you report your Dinja enabled device as “LOST/STOLEN”, Dinja springs into action and begins to collect actionable intelligence about the person that now has your device in their possession. This includes BUT is NOT limited to:
  • Thief Name
  • Thief Location
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Webcam Photos