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According to DigitalTrends.com, The U.S. State Department alone deflects thousands of Hackers a day from attacking their systems. In a world where everything is becoming more convenient, it’s said that there are two types of people on the internet, those that have been hacked, and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked. Let our Digital Army fortify your Castle!

If you handle the sensitive personal data of your clients, or you have inhouse information that you would prefer to keep private, then you need proactive help. Let’s be frank, a firewall isn’t enough! Name Brand Anti-Viruses only catch about 30-40% of all actual incoming threats.

Far too many times, companies have relied on these as an end-all solution, only to be greatly dismayed and disappointed when they find out that these are only supplemental to your active deffence.

Let’s put these tools into true perspective for a moment. Your business network is like a small digital country. Your firewall is literally like a digital wall around it. Hence the name “Firewall.” Ok, what do we know about a real wall? True, a wall can keep some people out of an area, but only those that find the wall too inconvenient to deal with. But, someone that really truly wants in can take the time, find the tools, and overcome your wall. The same is true for a Firewall.

Now let’s take a look at your anti-virus. Your anti-virus is much like your police force. It patrols the inside of your country (network) seeking those that violate certain rules. Ok, this is great for small crimes (violations), and minor attacks, but what about when you eventually face the enemy that has the drive, dessire, and tools to overcome your wall? And once they are in, and are able to infiltrate your police force (anti-virus) and start making choices for your anti-virus on your behalf. Once they have done these two things, you are in serious trouble!! And without help you wouldn’t even know that it had happened. Can you see how quickly this can become an issue?

Someone who really wants to do your company harm will not be stopped by a few “automated” deffences. You need a digital army to actively deffend your digital nation! Let us proudly serve you, and keep your organization safe online, and off.

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