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In today’s Digital World, the walk in customer no longer brings enough business to Live the American Dream. These days, with so much Hot and Heavy Market Competition, it’s Imperative to have a Business Presence on EVERY front! If not then your Competition will Eat you Alive! Especially, if you don’t have a presence on the internet. Just think, when people type the name of your business type in Google, what do they get?

Need an example? Let’s say you own a BBQ Restaurant in Las Angeles, CA. When someone living in LA, OR Visiting LA, uses their phone to search Google for “BBQ in LA”, or “BBQ Restaurants in LA”, what do they see? Do they see your BBQ Restaurant’s Website, or every BBQ Restaurant in LA EXCEPT yours? These days people find new businesses to interact with via the internet. Just think, 99% of us carry a little computer in our pocket that always has internet access.

When people are looking for the next best thing in town, will they find you when they search Google for a business LIKE YOURS in YOUR TOWN? Or, will all your competition be getting the business, because they have a Professional Website that advertises their business for them online, 24/7, and in a way that welcomes the customer with open arms. Just like when you hire new employees, you take a good look at their resume. Your Website is your Business’ Resume to your customers, what does yours say about you?

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